Unleash Your Business Potential with Go High Level / Growably The Ultimate Setup Guide for Maximum Success!

🎬 In this video, I will guide you through the essential setup steps for optimizing your Go High Level / Growably experience. These steps are crucial to ensure your success from the very beginning. Let's dive right in!

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—————————⏰ TIME MARKERS——————————————
00:00 What is Go High Level / Growably
02:05 - How to get help
02:26 - Turn on Labs features
03:08 - Business profile setup
03:35 - Timezone setup
04:05 - Personal profile timezone setup
04:58 - Notification preferences
05:15 - Add your Team
07:44 - Tips for setting up a brand new domain for mail sending
09:29 - How to keep your email from ending up in Spam folder
11:40 - Custom Values setup
12:23 - Website widget setup
13:20 - Install Lead Connector
13:44 - Integrations setup
14:25 - 2-way email sync
14:59 - Booking calendar setup
15:50 - Import contacts
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