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The Journey Of An Entrepreneur

The journey is Hard. Don't do it alone.

Loneliness. Doubt. Self-sabotage. No peer group for support. No direct access to experts. Relentless distractions. Confusion about tools. Fear of rejection.

Entrepreneurs battle these struggles every day. These struggles can lead to unfocused action, wasted resources, poor decision-making, and feelings of overwhelm. Faced with these struggles, it's no wonder why so many entrepreneurs burn out far short of achieving their dreams.

This difficult terrain is all part of the entrepreneurial journey. It'll never be easy. Success will never be guaranteed. But the probability of success—building a profitable business on your own terms—can be dramatically improved by joining forces with others who share your value system and a common goal.

Reach Your Full Potential

Friends & family? They just don't get it.

Unless you were born into a business-minded family, they definitely don’t have the answers to all the questions we entrepreneurs have.

They mean well, really they do. But chances are you’re fed up with the “you should get a real job” talk. They just don’t understand how lonely it can be carving your own path. To travel the road not taken. To create a vision for your future they could never imagine.

Sure, there’s plenty of YouTube videos out there to help guide you, but at the end of the day, how do you know they’ll work? Who can you rely on for help with all your questions and doubts? Who will cheer you on?

I help my clients learn how to build a “calm company”

Calm is family first.

Calm is more independence.

Calm is sustainable habits.

Calm is joyful 🎉.

Are you a Solopreneur?

Running a company of "one" can be a path to immense freedom.

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Startup + Entrepreneur?

Building a business from scratch can be overwhelming and lonely.

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Real people, real businesses, real success! 🌟🌟🌟

Don't take my word for it. Here are just a few of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I've helped over the years.

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Orange Nomad | Productivity | Systems Building | Video Production

“Everything Andrew teaches in the course is happening. Having more people connect and agree to a simple coffee meeting has been a great way to build my network. The biggest advantage is getting unfiltered feedback on what frustrates people the most about the IT industry. This allows me and my sales team to get better at what we do.”

Charles Henson
Nashville Computer
Orange Nomad | Productivity | Systems Building | Video Production

"So I'm halfway through the course. I delayed because I thought my LinkedIn game was "okay." Wow, was I wrong, so many simple yet significant options that I'm not taking advantage of. I've added a few featured items and now I'm going to rework my about section offline for a bit. Inspired by Andrew's format. Great stuff already. " Thx Andrew! "

Todd Kane
Evolved Management Consulting
Orange Nomad | Productivity | Systems Building | Video Production

"What an amazing 4 weeks of LinkedIn training! Excellent stuff Andrew Moon , the training was fun, interactive and we all learned so much! This will be a great resource for our partners, and will definitely lead to increased success with their marketing and brand building. I look forward to continue to be connected to learn new strategies!"

Matt Solomon
Channel Program
Orange Nomad | Productivity | Systems Building | Video Production

If you get the chance to engage with Andrew I highly recommend it. The courses he's put together are very well thought through and easy to follow in simple modules, so you can dip in and out when appropriate. I'm a fan of his weekly live stream as the topics have been of interest to me and the guests his sometimes has give a real insight in to the topic of that week. What more can I say, the man, the legend, the entrepreneur.. he rocks!"

Robert Gibson
CARA Technology
Orange Nomad | Productivity | Systems Building | Video Production

“The course was just what I needed to get me going again on LinkedIn. A lot has changed since I first was on LinkedIn, and I’ve already made a handful of valuable connections. I recently closed a deal with a local 3 office law firm which will be my biggest client yet!! If that wasn’t enough, a few days later I was contacted by a residential customer referring me to her doctors office; now I have a consultation booked with them. Kudos to Andrew Moon for getting me up to speed with LinkedIn marketing! Thanks for everything. Well worth it!”

Jon Bova
Bova Tech Solutions
Orange Nomad | Productivity | Systems Building | Video Production

"This month, Kaseya is featuring Andrew’s Pro LinkedIn training series for MSPs. In a word, WOW! The trainings are so informative. Andrew is able to pack so much insight and inspiration into the power hour. The best part is I’ve implemented several of his tips and I am seeing positive impact right away. Absolutely love it!"

Judi Hays
Judi Hays, Inc.
About Andrew (aka the Orange Nomad)

My work ethic philosophy passions background

I've been the boss of my own gig since I was a candy gangsta' at 8. Fast forward through a couple decades of tech wizardry, and voila, I sold my last tech company in 2014. Now, I'm the head honcho at Orange Nomad, helping the little guys turn big dreams into big wins.

Working with underdogs and startups? That's my jam! I'm like a business magician – pulling profits out of thin air with a sprinkle of smarts and a whole lot of elbow grease.

Rooting for the underdog is my thing. I took my biz from zero to hero, and I get the hustle (no, not that one 🤮). So now, I coach the Fortune 5,000,000 squad 🚀. We're here to shake things up and have a blast doing it. And guess what? I'm all about that "calm company" life – think beach vibes 🏖️, family BBQs 🍔, and work that doesn't feel like work. Because who says you can't be a chillpreneur?

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